Good siding for your home is of paramount importance. The right siding is wind, weather, and impact resistant. 

​Easy Maintenance

You won’t have to spend your weekends repainting or repairing your home’s siding because the next door neighbor’s son threw a baseball at it.

​Save Money

High-quality siding also increases the lifespan of your home while helping you be more energy efficient.

​Adds Beauty

Siding adds long lasting beauty and curb appeal to your home.Siding is a great  investment to increase your home’s value.

Blackwell Roofing will help you! 

Whether you’re interested in vinyl or fiber cement siding, Blackwell Roofing will help you pick the right material so your home will not only look good, but help you save money while doing so!

5 Signs that your siding may need repaired



If there is warping in the old siding, you may need to have it replaced soon. 



If you notice the siding starting to bend and pull away from the surface of the home, you could be getting rain water and moisture underneath the siding, causing damage.


Interior Damage

If there are signs of interior damage in your home, like peeling paint or loose and sagging wallpaper in a room, moisture may be getting between the siding and the framework of the house. 


Green or Black Patches 

If you see small green or black patches on the siding itself, on the shady side of the home, you may have a moisture problem you have in your home.


Slight Give

If you feel a slight give in the siding, you may have soft spots. This can be a sign there are rotting boards behind the siding. Contact Blackwell Roofing as soon as possible.

Blackwell Roofing was top notch in all areas. They were effective, efficient, and did a phenomenal overall job on multiple aspects of my house after a big hail storm. I would highly recommend Blackwell Roofing to anyone in the area- your house deserves their great work!

Andy K.

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